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Luxury in the middle of nature

Tangegaard is an old family farm, built around 1700. It is situated at the city limits of Ribe - Denmark's oldest town. The farm is a beautiful red brick building with thatched roof, surrounded by large grass fields, a lake, a forest park, and green fields, close to a preserved area and a spring. There are no animals on the farm. 

There are three luxury apartments in the west wing. It is a short walk into town westbound. To the east is the country side where you can hike or go bike riding. Tangegaard offers nature, peace and quiet. 



Address: Tangegaard, Tangevej 119, DK-6760 Ribe, phone: +45 75 42 32 41 / +45 40 77 72 41

Opdateret 19/02/2014